As your industry produces some of the most challenging environments for the designer of sealing materials and rubber moldings, from chemically aggressive to the less demanding applications, RCS Enterprises has been able to provide solutions that have proven both durable and reliable. RCS Enterprises takes particular pride in its success in designing materials able to minimize the down-time for you by maximization of chemical resistance properties combined with an outstanding longevity of the sealing material.

The secret of RCS Enterprises achievements in chemical machinery applications lies in the willingness of the company to adopt the latest material technologies and adapt these, by careful compounding, to your demands. In this, the company is supported by its team of technical specialists and a well-equipped laboratory. We provide you with enthusiastic backup ensuring optimal solutions for sealing products are found in many of the most severe applications in your industry.

We specialise in designing elastomer compounds using polymers able to operate in extreme conditions.

Using Rubber in Chemical Industries Benefits.
•   Superior control, with full command over sealing.
•   Peace of mind, through high reliability and the market's fastest Quick-Stop function.
•   Installation savings, through compact and lightweight design.
•   Ongoing flexibility, through modular construction and versatile operation.

Our solutions give you an edge in rubber processing as your industry changes, from productivity and safety to efficiency and performance. And, because their construction is modular, you can adjust and upgrade them easily, so you remain competitive over time. RCS Enterprises manufactures rubber gaskets from a wide range of materials We keep many different grades of rubber polymer to produce rubber gaskets and seals. From standard grade rubber polymer to special purpose rubber.Rubber gasket materials include Neoprene rubber, Nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, Butyl Rubber and Silicone rubber. RCS Enterprises offer rubber gaskets as per requirement in round square and rectangular cross section. Giving an Excellent finish with perfect dimensions and enhanced durability.