Dock Fenders

RCS Enterprises provides our clients with an excellent barrier for protection of various applications like loading bays, port sides, and vessels. Are dock fenders are used to absorb any such kinetic energy of a particular boat or as a vessel berthing against an equivalent of a jetty, a quay wall or another such vessel to prevent any damage. Also largely used at many loading bays for vehicles such as lorry’s and trucks and we even custom design for unique applications where even a protective barrier may be required. RCS Applications are in the high requirement for Bump protection at all Loading /Unloading bays and mini ports.

Core Features

  • Jet Black color
  • Simple and a Robustic design
  • Easy installing & removal
  • Excellent chemical and physical property
  • High/low temperature-resistant, oil-resistant, wearing-resistant, dust-resistant
  • Absorb more energy on impact

Dock Fenders

RCS Dock Fenders act as cushions that can prevent a large or small boat from being damaged by any sudden rubbing or impacting on a dock (especially when the boat’s tied up) or even from being hurt in contact with another vessel or boat (when a fleet of boats are tied or rafted together). There are two basic types of boat fenders: They are inflatable and non-inflatable.

Inflatable fenders are those that consist of a unique air bladder or bag that is surrounded by a very soft vinyl shell and are available in many varieties of cylindrical or spherical sizes, colours and shapes. Using just a small air pump like the one used in a bicycle tire pump with a needle attachment in the end of the hose you can make an easy inflatable fender as soft or as hard as required by simply just increasing or otherwise decreasing the air pressure within the fender.