rubber fender

RCS Enterprises provides an excellent barrier protection for port sides, vessels, trucks and loading bays. They are used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or another vessel to prevent damage. Also used at loading bays for lorry’s and trucks and any other unique applications where a protective barrier is required, for example on a go-karting track.

They can be installed either into a channel or bolted directly onto the required surface. RCS Enterprises can be drilled, pre-curved, chamfered and cut to specific lengths to assist installation and meet requirements of the application. The Rubber Fenders and Industrial Rubber Fenders are produced through a die using the extrusion method. We have a range of standard sizes, but using CAD we can help design bespoke profiles for your own special requirements.

We use a specially compounded rubber elastomer, Rubber fender, industrial rubber fenders, which is highly resistant to degradation, UV radiation, and seawater. Technically specified elastomers can be produced to meet the customer's individual requirements. The quality of The Rubber Fenders and Industrial Rubber Fenders is as per market standards.

Key Features:

•    Highly durable Rubber fender, industrial rubber fenders

•    Popular D-type extrusion

•    Can be supplied in long lengths

•    Easy to install

•    Can be supplied in non-marking colours


  • Marinas / Jetties
  • Boats
  • Loading bays for lorry’s
  • Areas that require protection from impact

RCS Enterprises designs and develops innovative solutions in customized Rubber Fenders and Industrial Rubber Fenders.We offer fast delivery, competitive prices, and engineering support. Our in-house material knowledge and quality systems guarantee an individual approach. Our product range for Rubber Fender scan be customized in EPDM rubber, Chloroprene Rubbers, Natural Rubbers, Rubber fender, industrial rubber fenders and many more.