Silicone sponge have an excellent resistance to temperature, UV light, and ozone. They are also anti-stick and approved for food contact. Elastostar offers a range of standard profiles (shown below) and can manufacture many others from samples or drawings.Our Silicone Rubber Sponge has a closed cell structure with a smooth outer wall. It has the brilliant thermal stability to withstand a temperature range of -50°C to 250°C. It is also resistant to UV and ozone with excellent compression.

These properties mean this sponge is suited yo demanding temperature applications that need a soft compressible material. Often used in environmental shields, electrical and automotive gaskets across a wide range of markets. Special grades including high recovery, fluoro silicone, and thermally conductive grades are available in 915mm x 915mm sheets and 915mm wide roll format depending on grade. All of our silicone sponge is available with plain or adhesive backing and can also be converted to gaskets, strips, and fabrications.

Sizes: Our standard silicone sponge sheets come in 1m width to 10m lengths. Sheets of 15mm thickness are supplied in 1m x 1m sheets.

Standard Colours: White, Black, Red, Oxide, Blue, and Grey. Other colours available.


  • Door seals,
  • Oven seals,
  • Heat sealing
  • Gaskets


  • Coil Length (meters): 25 (shorter coil lengths may be supplied for larger profiles).
  • Profiles: Standard profiles. Others can be manufactured upon request

A medium density Silicone sponge cord produced in Silex SIL16. Sponge cords are commonly used for sealing electrical enclosures, exterior light fittings, and hand-held instruments, protecting them from moisture and dust ingress.