Silicone Rubber Extrusion

An extrusion as we know is a process where in order to create objects with a fixed cross-sectional profile. The rubber material is pushed through a die of any given desired cross-section. The main advantages of this process over traditional other manufacturing processes, give the ability to create plenty of very complex cross-sections, and for it to work materials that are adequately brittle because this material only encounters shear and compressive stresses. It also assists and forms parts of an excellent surface finishing.

Buyers can contact us for acquiring extruded rubber products in standard as well as customized extruded rubber specifications. Widely used for the purpose of sealing, vibrations and controlling noises. We as a silicone rubber products manufacturer have found applications for different industrial type processes. We make sure that all are extruded silicone is available in different specifications like cord, tubing, cable jacketing, O-ring, rubber seals. In India and overseas, we are a precision silicone rubber parts Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter. We also ensure a timely delivery.

The silicone rubber extrusion products offered by RCS Enterprise Pvt Ltd, are manufactured while keeping in mind the various requirements divisions and application uses of our clients. The quality of long lasting key features of our silicone extrusion products are commendable and are always well appreciated by our clients that are located across various such market domains. We have certainly well-established ourselves, and have always ensured that we will work according to the current market demand. The raw materials procured for manufacturing silicone rubber seal are procured from our trust worthy vendors. Our management policies which stress over a formulated design dedicated to catering to such complex business dealing, therefore, our reputed value by our widely appreciated clients.

We also enlist in products which we provide like Inflatable Gaskets, Silicon Rubber gaskets, Viton Rubber Gaskets, Nitrile Rubber Gaskets, EPDM rubber gaskets, Chloroprene Rubbers, Industrial Rubber Fenders and a lot more. Our high-end quality of RCS rubber products has enabled us as suppliers to gain a huge client base, with various industrial domains which may shed light on many trust factors, we have also inculcated in the business of rubber processing custom activities which we execute. With the entire business activities of RCS conducted under such skillful guidance of RCS Enterprises. His innovative business strategies and dynamic approach for many years of tenure experience concerning the respective field have also enabled us by establishing any such enviable place with the competitive industry.

We have researched and studied the relevant such market domain in clear detail and thereby assist RCS to educate the basic requirements, in order for us to provide grand quality centric services to our clients. We also ensure that even the cost of our RCS services is relatively less as compared to our competitors and what they may have to offer. We excel with a huge client base, which has always been based on a fine result of our extensive quality centric products. We offer our clients a huge location opportunity by extending our export for our products to the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.


  • Great Accurate dimensions
  • Weather and Climatic resistance
  • Regular Optimum hardness
  • High demand with custom automobile industry
  • High-Grade Rubber Sealing
  • Rubber Extrusion Profiles and Silicone Extrusion Profiles

We have gained and overall vast industrial experience within the field of supply, manufacturing and exporting an exclusive product range of Rubber Extrusion Profiles and Silicone Extrusion Profiles. RCS have further designed and developed Silicone extrusion profiles, rubber extrusion profiles, EPDM rubber profile, silicone rubber profiles, Viton rubber profiles, rubber profiles, silicone profile our range as per the regular industry standards. Our wide range is also accredited for their high strength, durability, reliability, corrosion resistant, and such accurate dimensions.